I’ve tried to start a blog at least a gazillion times. Here’s hoping that gazillion+1 time’s the charm.

Here’s a little bit about what you can expect from this site:

  • Interesting Links From Work: I peruse the internet as part of my [“real”] job, and I am forever coming across fascinating/compelling tidbits that highlight the newest developments in higher education. I share the best of the best with you.
  • Travel Diary: I am lucky enough to travel the world quite often these days. I hereby commit to blogging my adventures.
  • Daily Recap: When my day is on a whole notha level (for better or worse), the breakdown will be here.
  • GLAMs and Tech: An extension of my thoughts on/critical analysis of the world’s galleries, libraries, archives, and museums, focusing on minority representation, cultural heritage preservation, and digital technology.
  • A whole lotta of other stuff.

Read, share, engage, and enjoy!




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